Women Hiking Wisconsin hike High Cliff State Park


A few months ago, my friends Diana, Jeci and I were scheming up ways to get a large group of women together to go hiking. About a week later, we got included in a group message on Instagram with internet friends, Destiny and Elizabeth. We all started talking really fast and excitedly and one thing lead to another and Women Hiking Wisconsin was born.

A few weeks ago, we had our first group hike at High Cliff State Park. We weren't sure how many people would join in on the hike, and we were pleasantly surprised. Thirty women and two dogs showed up to hike together! 

We started the adventure off by introducing ourselves by our real names and our Instagram handles. It was fun to connect faces to people from the internet.

My favorite part of the hike was seeing so many awesome women, from all over Wisconsin, come together to join in a common interest. As we hiked, we learned names, jobs, location, family life, and other personal facts. Of course we talked about favorite hiking spots and gear, future hiking plans, and dream hikes.

The camaraderie was instant and strong.

If you missed the first group hike - fear not! We have many plans and ideas brewing.

Second Group Hike
September 9, 2017
10:30 a.m.
Blue Mound State Park

Click here for more information.
Hope to see you there!

5/6 of the WHW Founders - Jeci, Elizabeth, Diana, Sarah (me), Destiny
*Photo by Britney Deruchowski*

*Photos by Jeci Casperson, Destiny WallenDiana Kraus, Meg Langmyer and myself*

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