Oregon - Mt. Hood


PNW Adventures
Part 3 of 5

The first mountain I ever saw was Mt. Rushmore when I was about 12.

The next mountain I saw wasn't until 15 years later - the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona. (And technically the Rockies, but that was from the window seat of a plane.)

The first mountain I ever climbed was Mt. Hood.

Now that I've seen and hiked in mountains, I wish it were an every day occurrence. Because I don't think any other hiking experience can compare.


We started off our day with a stop at the Zigzag Ranger Station in Mt. Hood National Forest, where we learned about the mountain and planned our route. As we drove, we kept getting sneak peeks (pun intended) of Mt. Hood and my excitement was at an all-time-high. Curving around bends in the road with a mountain in the background made driving so much more pleasant.

Our first stop was Trillium Lake. We hiked a loop around the lake with the most gorgeous views of the mountain. Seeing Mt. Hood, and knowing I was about to climb it, sent a jolt of joy and adrenaline to every nerve in my body.

I was excited for the unknown.

Seeing Mt. Hood at a distance was remarkable. Its snow-covered alps and magnificence are what painters paint and writers write and dreamers dream about.

Seeing it up close was ever better.

We took the Magic Mile Sky Ride at Timberline Lodge (of The Shining fame) to about half way up the mountain. This was the most expensive thing we did on vacation, but it was so worth it.


Riding up the ski lift with the mountain beneath my feet and rolling blue hills in the distance was magical. In fact, I'm positive that mountains are formed from magic rather than tectonic plates.

This was Diana's first time on a ski lift and I was extremely proud she conquered her fear. We loved hiking and playing in the mountain. Seeing snow in very hot and humid Oregon was a sight. Diana even made a snow angel!

We made our descent down with a view of Mt. Jefferson in the background and smiles on our faces. We didn't summit Mt. Hood, but I have plans to make it to the top of a mountain in my future.

We finished our day with a beer and meal at Mt. Hood Brewing Co. We were exhausted and happy and proud of ourselves and ready to take on another mountain (volcano) the next day.