The Trail to 1000 Miles


Part 1 - Scuppernong Segment

Earlier this week I attended a presentation given by a woman who hiked the entire Ice Age Trail. Because of this massive accomplishment, she is an official Thousand Miler. And now, with her inspiration, I am an official Thousand Miler Wannabe.

I’ve hiked bits and pieces of the Ice Age Trail before, but never an entire segment, and certainly not the whole thing. After hearing this woman speak about her experience, my friend Diana and I both became super energized and excited about the prospect of hiking the entire thing. We both have lofty dreams of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or all over Europe, but we realized we should also be utilizing this trail found right in our own backyards.

So yesterday, we did our first segment - Scuppernong. Filled with hill climbs and switchbacks, it wasn’t the easiest hike, but it was a great first trail. By the end, we stunk of sweat and happiness.

IAT Scuppernong Segment

5.6 miles
Waukesha/Milwaukee Chapter
“This segment courses over hilly terrain, through hardwood forests and past many trailside kettles.”

What I liked:

  • The yellow blazes along the trail made it super easy to not get lost, something of utmost importance to Diana and me.

  • The trail was gorgeous, every color green you could ever imagine. There were a few more strenuous sections, which I always appreciate as they remind me of what my body is capable.

  • At 5.6 miles, this was a great starter trail. We were able to hike to the end and back without getting too tired - just smelly!

  • Although we got a bit lost finding the trail, it was well-marked and relatively easy to find for two women who get lost even with GPS.

What I disliked:

  • Mosquitoes. This trail had so many of them! They took away from the beauty surrounding us. But that’s more due to the time of year than the trail itself.