The Trail to 1000 Miles: Monches


Part 2 - Monches Segment

This weekend Diana and I completed another segment of the Ice Age Trail and got one step closer to becoming Thousand Milers. We both heard that the Monches segment was beautiful, specifically during autumn, and it did not disappoint.

We crunched through leaves, strolled over boardwalks, avoided some muddy spots, and breathed in the calming scents of fall. And got to do it all with my pupper, Florence! This was her first time really hiking and she loved it.

IAT Monches Segment

3.6 miles
Waukesha/Milwaukee Chapter
“Follow the Ice Age Trail through a beautiful hardwood forest, along the clear Oconomowoc River and over a bubbling brook.”

What I liked:

  • The leaves on the trail were so beautiful. Hiking in fall really can’t be beaten.

  • Everything smelled so delicious! Burning leaves, autumn air, hints of pine. It was lovely.

  • Everyone on the trail was so friendly. People stopped to say hi to Florence and we had some nice chats. I love the camaraderie on the trail.

What I disliked:

  • Nothing, to be honest. This was an incredible segment. I guess the only thing I disliked was that we weren’t hiking in the mountains, but what can ya do?