The Trail to 1000 Miles: Gibraltar


PART 4 - Gibraltar SEGMENT

I can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year than with a hike. So on the morning on January 1, my friends Amber, Diana, Becca, and myself got our booties out of bed and made our way to the Gibraltar Rock segment of the Ice Age Trail.

I had previously done a part of this segment, so it was great to do the whole thing and get another check on my list. The snow and weather wasn’t too horrible and the views were incredible.

IAT Gibraltar Segment

4.8 miles
Columbia Chapter
“This segment is a rolling ramble through mixed woodlands, prairies and fields. It features dramatic climbs and wide ranging views of Lake Wisconsin, a pastoral valley and the Baraboo Hills.”


  • The views! Can’t get much better than a bluff in Wisconsin. It was like a mini Devil’s Lake.

  • This hike was organized by IAT volunteers and they brought cookies and hot chocolate to the top of the bluff. Such a nice touch.

  • This hike is a great workout! Going up the bluff isn’t easy, but so worth it.


  • It was a bit slippery, but what can you do in January in Wisconsin?