Door County Hiking


I've been thinking a lot about life and death lately. As a human being, it's pretty hard not to, right? We're all equipped with the knowledge that we're going to die one day. It's literally the only thing everyone has in common. This knowledge, in turn, makes us all a little sad. Or at least it makes me a little sad.

And of course when I think about death my thoughts spiral into "what am I doing with my life?" and "why does any of this matter?" and "why am I SO worried about money if I'm just going to die anyway?" and other equally fun thoughts.

Eventually I turn my thoughts around by thinking about everything I've done and seen and everything I will do and will see. One of the things I've seen a lot of is Wisconsin. And for my birthday this year, my friend Diana booked a hotel for us in Door County, and we spent two days exploring one of the cutest parts of Wisconsin.

Instead of thinking about death, I think about facing a fear and feeding a bird out of the palm of my hand. I think about the surrealness of the blue-green water where I'm sure there have been mermaid sightings. I think about being able to find my way even when I'm positive I'm lost in the woods forever. I think about the things that matter.

This was a trip that mattered. This is a friendship that matters.

Newport State Park

Ellison Bluff State Natural Area

Peninsula State Park

Whitefish Dunes State Park/Cave Point County Park