Waterfalls and Women


In my blog posts, I often try to relate whatever adventure I am writing about to an aspect of my life. I like to reflect and make connections, try to learn something.

But, to be honest, there are only two thoughts I kept coming back to when attempting to write this post:

  1. I freaking love waterfalls.

  2. Copper Falls State Park is my new favorite Wisconsin State Park.

How's that for symbolism and deep thinking?

My thinking might not be deep, but my love for this park is. Located in Mellen, Wisconsin, Copper Falls contains a section of the Bad River, which flows through a gorge and three breathtaking waterfalls. Granite boulders surrounding the falls and thousands of pine trees lend to the magnificence of the park.

And then there are the waterfalls.

Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls, and Red Granite Falls are all equally stunning. When I look at waterfalls, I feel this great release of emotion. It's like as the water is pushing itself over rocks, I, too, know I can push myself to do what I need to do and feel what I need to feel. I wish I could stand under each fall and let the water cleanse me of negativity.

Along with marveling at the falls, I also enjoy learning about them. Something I wondered while hiking was where the park got its name? Thanks to a handy trail sign, I learned that Bad River’s high tannin content (from tree decay) gives the water a reddish hue, hence copper. No pennies in this river!

So why is this park my new favorite? Aside from the waterfalls and the river and the gorge and the trees and all the feelings these parts of nature stir up in me, I loved this park because of the company I experienced it with.

I'm so lucky to have friends (Diana, Jordan, Monica) who love to adventure. Just like the waterfalls, these women push me to be the best version of myself.

In Iceland, the word for waterfall is Foss. And in Latin, Foss relates to light. Which is what waterfalls and my friends make me feel - light. And happy. And carefree. 

I could spend all day looking at waterfalls with these women.

I stand by my first two statements:

  1. I freaking love waterfalls.

  2. Copper Falls State Park is my new favorite Wisconsin State Park.

And I would like to add a third:

      3. Look at waterfalls with your friends. Both will make you feel whole.


*Featured image by Diana Kraus*