Coffee, Corgis, Compasses


I don't like being cold. I'll always prefer frolicking about in my summer skin over freezing in the snow. I would even rather sweat profusely than shiver at all.

The only exception I'll make to my aversion to the cold is a winter hike. As long as there is coffee and/or beer involved as well.

Our day started at Kindfolk Coffee Co, a shop filled with great typography, clean lines and a cozy atmosphere. The shop boasts, "Be Kind, Drink Coffee", and that is a motto I can live by.

After shoving our faces with donuts, we headed to Lake Kegonsa State Park. Clad in hats and mittens and hiking boots, we crunched through snow, sometimes up to our knees, on a short trail around the lake. 


As Diana wielded her binoculars, I saw a small, black corgi off in the distance.

"Is that a real dog?" I asked. His owner wasn't in sight, so I wanted to make sure the cold hadn't gone to my head and produced and image of my dream dog.

We learned that his name was Theo, and he was the sweetest. We chatted with his human for a while, sharing hiking stories and laughs.


Next, we headed to Vintage Brewing Company for a beer and a meal. It's important to rehydrate after a hike, even if it is with beer. The brewery was incredible. I really felt like we had traveled back in time to enjoy our food.


With happy stomachs, we ventured to Capital Springs State Park and Recreation Area. Maybe it was the cold, but to be honest, this park was a little confusing. We ended up going for a nice, long hike, but we were unsure if we were even hiking in the right place.

Regardless, it was a beautiful hike, much of it on a boardwalk over a lake. Despite being cold and having to hike in snow, the company and the beauty of Wisconsin made up for it.

I'll keep hiking in the winter, but my heart cannot wait for summer hikes. Even if I get a little sweaty during them.


*Some photographs by Diana Kraus*