Arizona - Sedona


Arizona Adventures
Part 3 of 3

Driving south into Sedona, Arizona is something I will never forget. Filled with 13 miles of switchbacks, lush forestry, beautiful red rocks and hairpin turns, the drive from Flagstaff into Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon was remarkable.

Sedona is a weird town. They're big into vortexes, the healing properties of crystals, power in spirituality, hippiedom and other elements of the New Age lifestyle. They're so particular in their decorating, in fact, that they house the only non-golden Golden Arches in the world.

Around every corner is a crystal shop, a psychic tent, reiki and tarot readings, or a Native American jewelry vendor. And all of this mysticism is blanketed by red rocks.

We explored a few gem shops, such as Sedona Crystal Vortex (because with a name like that, how could we not?), but our main goal was to conquer a different kind of rock - those of the red persuasion. 

Because of the success of our Pink Jeep Tour in the Grand Canyon, we opted to do another one along the Broken Arrow Trail. This tour, although the same company, was completely different from the first. It wasn't a smooth ride, it was true off-roading. At times, the front of the Jeep would angle almost 90° below my dad and me as we sat in the very back, our knuckles white from clutching the handholds so firmly. We went over rocks and logs and were jolted back and forth the whole time. Our driver, Jeff, was hilarious, informative, and, most importantly, made us feel safe as we drove all over the red rocks and even down Devil's Staircase. It was my first official off-roading experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We didn't have much time in Sedona, as we had to make our way back to Phoenix to catch our flight, but the time we spent there was wonderful. I hope my parents retire to Sedona, or somewhere close, so I have a chance to hike and adventure the city more.

Sedona is weird. And magical. And I loved it.