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Part 2 of 3

Remember in my last Arizona post how I said there would be more rocks to come? Well, let's talk about Page, Arizona. Because the rocks there were otherworldly.

Nestled close to the Arizona-Utah border, Page is a town I would never have even heard of it had it not been for a multitude of people posting this lovely orange-swirled rock on Instagram. I would come to learn this rock, my new favorite rock, is called Antelope Canyon.

Made of Navajo sandstone, Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon comprised of two sections - upper and lower. I explored upper. To enter the canyon, you must be accompanied by a tour guide. I suggest Chief Tsosie's. Our Native American guide, Irene, knew all the perfect photo opportunities and even showed us settings for our cameras to capture the best shot.

A few times in life, you see something that stops you in your tracks, knocks the wind out of you and leaves you breathless and weepy. I had one of those moments in Antelope Canyon. Or like 27 of those moments.

Antelope Canyon is what dreams are made of.

See for yourself:

(Warning: HUGE photoset below - click to enlarge)

Another incredible rock formation (that I found out about from Instagram) in Page is Horseshoe Bend. After a short uphill hike followed by a longer downhill hike through Glen Canyon NRA, you are smacked in the face by beauty. This horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River had the most breathtaking blue-green water I have ever seen.

I grew up close to Lake Michigan and went to college along the Mississippi River. I've swam in the Atlantic Ocean and worked at a camp as a lifeguard. I've always had water in my back pocket. But there was something about the Colorado River that made me feel like I was looking at a large body of water for the first time. Maybe it was the grandiose chunk of untouched sandstone in the middle, maybe it was the horseshoe shape of the water created by years and years of erosion, or maybe it was the feeling of insignificance in nature. Whatever it was, I hope to feel it again someday.

Speaking of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, we ended up exploring this area without even planning to. We saw the Glen Canyon Dam, took a boat cruise on Lake Powell into a different part of Antelope Canyon, and learned about buttes (pronounced "beaut" but I will always say "butt") and mesas. We even ventured into the Utah part of the park for about five minutes!

Page, Arizona sneaked up on me. I loved it so much. Rocks and rivers and dams and buttes and mesas and cacti and jackrabbits and family. What more could a girl need?

(The answer is more rocks! Stay tuned for my last Arizona post on Sedona soon.)

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