A Weekend in Nashville


At the end of last year, one of my favorite singers, Lucy Dacus, released tour dates for her first headlining tour. The closest date to me was in Tennessee. I joked to my boyfriend, Cory, that we should go. A couple months later, he got me tickets for my birthday. So this past weekend, we made the eight hour drive and spent the weekend exploring Nashville, Tennessee.

The city is about the same size as Milwaukee, where I live. It was extremely easy to get around and parking was a piece of cake. We both agreed that although we saw a lot of the city, there was so much more we wish we could have seen!

Here is my little guide to spending a weekend in this great city:


  • Sheraton Music City Hotel - We found this hotel on an app and got a great deal on it. It was clean, comfortable, had a nice and informative staff, and the view from our room’s balcony wasn’t bad at all. The weekend was pretty rainy, so we didn’t get to use the outdoor pool, but I definitely recommend staying here.

  • RV Rental Nashville - Check this out if you’re looking for an RV instead of a hotel!



  • Hattie B’s Hot Chicken - You can’t go to Nashville without eating hot chicken. So this was one of the first things we did. Although Hattie B’s is one of the more commercial chicken chains, it was delicious. My tenders were Medium heat, and Cory opted for “Damn Hot” heat. I tried a bite of his sandwich … I’m glad I stuck with Medium.

  • Proper Bagel - Although this restaurant is called Proper Bagel, I got toast. But let me tell you, not only was it aesthetically pleasing, my tastebuds were also pleased. I mean, what’s better than bread topped with fruit and ricotta? Also, they let you sample all the cream cheeses. We didn’t hold back.

  • Stay Golden - This. coffee. shop. was. everything. It was millennial pink and mint green and made my heart flutter. Also, the brunch was delicious. That’s important, too. I’ll talk more about this shop in the Drink section.

  • Mas Tacos Por Favor - Another Nashville favorite, Mas Tacos made me realize that I love corn tortillas. We each had yummy tacos, and I got Mexican corn that was to-die-for. This was my favorite meal of the whole trip. It wasn’t fancy, everything was served on paper plates, but it was delicious and the staff were all so nice. We had to wait in a long line, but it was so worth it.


  • Coffee

    • Barista Parlor - This was a classic, cool coffee shop. I got a delicious latte, and Cory got some great coffee. We sat there for a while and did some reading, while records played throughout the shop. It was very relaxing.

    • Crema - This was our escape from the rain. Cory got a ginger latte that was drool-worthy. It was super cozy.

    • Stay Golden - We went to a lot of coffee shops in Nashville, and like I said above, Stay Golden was my favorite. Not only was it completely me as a coffee shop, but the coffee was amazing too. I got an iced coffee and drank it down so fast. Props for glass straws, as well!

    • Sump Coffee - This was our last coffee shop of the trip, but definitely not the least. It had great design elements and good coffee.

  • Beer

    • Bearded Iris - Cory and I both love beer, so we knew we needed to hit up a brewery, and this one was highly regarded. We walked in to a huge line, so we knew it must be good. And it was! I got a pineapple IPA that I loved, and Cory got a grapefruit IPA that he loved so much he regretted not getting cans of it to bring home.

  • Drinks

    • The Crying Wolf - This was the one bar we went to on the trip, recommended to us by a local. The mural on the outside was amazing and the vibes inside reminded me of a local Milwaukee bar. We each got a $2 PBR Tall Boy, because why wouldn’t we drink a Milwaukee beer in Nashville?


  • The Bookshop - My favorite part of any road trip is going to new bookstores, and Nashville did not disappoint. The Bookshop, attached to a coffee shop, is a book-lovers dream. It was small, cozy, and allowed dogs. I adored it.

  • Parnassus Books - This. bookstore. y’all. Co-owned by author Ann Patchett, Parnassus Books was the independent book store of the dreams. It was well-organized, and I could have stayed there all day. At one point, a worker asked if I was looking for a specific book. I responded, with a glaze to my eyes, “Oh no, I’m not from here, and I’m just taking it all in.” Fun fact: A book I bought there was actually written by one of the staff members!


  • Imogene + Willie - This store, which Cory went into all three days we were there, was extremely cool. I couldn’t afford anything, but I could tell the clothes were well-made and all the employees were nice and helpful. Definitely check this one out if you’re into fashion.

  • Outdoor Voices - I gasped when we passed by Outdoor Voices. I’ve been eyeing their workout clothes for months online, and I had no idea they had a location in Nashville. First off, the outside was yellow and mint. Could it be any cuter? And the inside was fantastic as well. I had so much fun trying on leggings and sports bras and chatting with the two women working.


  • Gruhn Guitars and Carter Vintage Guitars - Although I don’t play, I had a lot of fun exploring these two guitar shops. Gruhn Guitars is a world-renowned guitar shop, and Cory played a $60,000 guitar at Carter. Yes, you read that right. Also, Cory met a worker at Gruhn who called himself Old Billy, and that may have been the highlight of the trip.

  • Third Man Records - An independent record label founded by Jack White, this record store was so cool. Everything was yellow, so I loved it. I bought two 45s and they sound amazing on my record player.

  • The Basement East - This is where we saw Lucy Dacus. It was a pretty hip venue with an “I Believe in Nashville” mural plastered on the side. It was big enough that Lucy’s show sold out, but small enough that it felt intimate. The sound was good, as well as the drinks. Overall, the atmosphere mimicked what you would find at any other music venue, which I loved.

It’s funny, the cities I have no expectations for, I usually end up falling in love with. And I fell in love with Nashville. I didn’t really know much about the city before going there, and it exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect size, and everything we saw and ate was amazing. The people were nice, the city was clean for the most part, I don’t really have any complaints. I highly suggest taking a weekend trip to Nashville. Cory and I already want to go back.

P.S. California blogs coming soon. I promise. Thank you for your patience.